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What is the ACT Diagnostics Test?

Every student should know their strengths and weaknesses in the ACT well before the ‘real test’. And every student should know how to manage properly their time and knowledge during the ACT test. Our ACT Diagnostics Test is a critical statistics tool, indispensable for all students who want to maximize their ACT test scores.

The ACT Diagnostics Test achieves multiple goals. Students get to practice a full ACT test in the comfort of their home. Unlike any other ACT practice test, students who take our Diagnostics Test obtain a clear picture of their gaps, strengths, time budgeting, and a number of other critical factors of this all-important test. Affordable, easy to take and second to none, our ACT Diagnostic Test is the only tool students need to improve and maximize their ACT scores.

The ACT Diagnostics assesses the student’s needs by

  • Timing each question of the test
  • Integrating time per question with the type of question
  • Breaking down each ACT Reporting Category so that the student may know exactly what areas of study to concentrate on
  • Providing a detailed ACT Diagnostics Report for the student and the parents


What will it cost?

Students and parents alike can take advantage of two different Reports.

The General ACT Diagnostics Report provides a general outlook of the student's ACT needs. Some of these factors are the number of correct answers and their ACT reporting category, time per question, proficiency and a much-needed time budget report.

Cost:    $ 41.00

The Specialized ACT Diagnostics Report provides in-depth analysis about the type of ACT questions, average time per question, comparison of ACT-allowed time to student’s response time, percentages of questions in each reporting category and many more tools.

Cost:    $ 56.00


Why should I Take the ACT Diagnostics Test?

Students who use our unique ACT Diagnostics Test increase their ACT scores by 3 points on average because of its unparalleled  detailed content of students’ test analysis and statistics. The ACT Diagnostics Test also augments all ACT aspects. With college tuition constantly on the rise, a high ACT Test score is critical for financial aid and scholarships as well as college admissions. In addition, more companies are using the ACT as criteria for hiring.

The test also is ideally suited for aspiring foreign exchange students who may struggle with their English and Reading skills.


How can I obtain the ACT Diagnostics Test?

You can get our ACT Diagnostics Test in four easy steps:

  1. Email us at
  2. We will promptly email you an ACT test recently administered across the nation along with a uniquely timed-question answer sheet (each question is timed individually rather than the whole test, to determine student’s time budget needs).
  3. Print the answer sheet, take the test, make your payment via paypal and email us a scanned copy of the answer sheet(s).
  4. We will email you the Student Assessment Report within 48 hours or less.


Don’t deny your child the opportunity to get the high ACT score he or she is able to!

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