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What Are the ACT Seminars?

Our seminars are designed to address the three main reasons students score low on the ACT:

  • Lack of Administrative Skills – How to take the test.
  • Lack of Time Budgeting – How to best manage their time before, during, and after the test.
  • Lack of Academic Knowledge.

Students learn these critical skills in a small group and develop team work aptitudes. We are the only academic service in the Memphis area that brings students together on the ACT training.

Among others, students learn to

  • Manage the test.
  • Manage the type of questions in the test.
  • Manage their time per question.
  • Develop life-long critical thinking skills.

The seminars are 3 hours long. Each student is given two different ACT tests to take at home after the seminar. Each test uses a uniquely-designed ACT Diagnostics Test, a tool that is available only at Memphis Math Tutors. The ACT Diagnostics Test is a critical statistics tool that identifies with high accuracy the strengths and weaknesses, test-managing skills, and many other ACT critical factors of the student. In plain language, the ACT Diagnostics Test tells precisely what are the student's and we should address. In addition, the ACT Diagnostics Test is free for all students who attend our seminars, a great academic and administrative value.

The first test measures the student’s academic status, while the second identifies progress and need for further work. We also follow up with each student to assess their progress and address any further needs, if any. The follow-up is a time- and labor-intense "behind the scenes" process that we dedicate to our students in an effort to guide them long after the seminars. This is also unique to Memphis Math Tutors and is part of our commitment to our students.


Why Take the ACT Seminar?

Students who take our ACT Seminars generally increase their ACT scores by a 6-point average. Diligent students have increased their scores by as much as 11 points. With college tuition constantly on the rise, a high ACT Test score is critical for financial aid and scholarships as well as college admissions. In addition, more companies are using the ACT as criteria for hiring.

How much is the ACT Seminar?

Cost: $ 270.00


How Do I Sign Up For the ACT Seminar?

Please email us at Space is limited and our ACT Seminars are in high demand. We will inform you of the next ACT time and location once you contact us. Students are considered registered only upon payment confirmation.


What else do I need to know about the ACT Seminars?

Once your child is registered for an ACT Seminar, we will email you an ACT Attendance Package.


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