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We are glad to announce the commencement of our Community Outreach Program in an effort to reach out to our community.


What Is It?


We recognize that access to education is a real and recurring problem in Memphis.


Our Community Outreach Program brings a novel solution to the Memphis academic market. We work with different organizations to bring our services to disadvantage students by increasing the number of students in any given session. This reduces the cost per student to affordable prices and makes education available to students who might not afford it otherwise.


How It Works?


Organizations like churches or Memphis City Youth groups identify underprivileged or disadvantage students and set up classes upon agreement with Memphis Math Tutors. The classes range from 10 to 25 students and the price per student is inversely proportional to the number of students. In effect, the prices are set on a scale and dramatically reduces the cost per student. For example, the price we charge per student in a class of 10 students is $ 15.00 for each session. That price goes down to $ 10.00 per student in a class of 25 students. The funds are raised by a number of organizations, donations, and charity work.


Our Community Outreach sessions have several goals. First, students gain confidence, organization and structure in their academic work. Second, the sessions help identify and further help students in greater academic need than others. Third, students are given the opportunity to access education not available to them otherwise.


Each Community Outreach session is 2 hours long, although we reserve the privilege to extend this time length according to the needs of the students.


Ask us about our Community Outreach Program at 901.585.4898 or by email at

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