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The Memphis Math Tutors offers professional and world-class tutoring services at market competitive prices.


-Summer Math Camp - $450.00 per camp, which includes all 10 hours over the 5 day span.

This camp is a great opportunity to improve your ACT math score in a no stress environment. For more information on this, check out the "Summer Math Camp" page. 


Nominal Rates - $ 60.00 per hour, with two hours per session.

All our nominal (appointment-based) sessions are composed of two hours. That is because one hour is simply not sufficient for the student, while more than two hours are too much for most students.

Our work model allows for a 5 to 7 minute break between the two hours to give the student a chance to absorb the material, as well as to 'break away' from the books. This model is based on our experience and has proven beneficial to most of our students.

Emergency Rates - $ 120.00 per hour, with two hours per session. All cancellations less than 24 hours of the session will be charged, unless a doctor’s order if proved in writing from a verifiable doctor’s office.

We understand that under certain conditions students may need an emergency session. By their very nature, emergency sessions are not pre-planned or set by appointment, and this requires a dedication and reshuffling of staff resources. All emergency sessions are set at the same length as nominal sessions, that is two hours.

All rates are valid for the City of Memphis.
Rates outside of the City of Memphis (Germantown, Bartlett, Arlington, Southaven, and West Memphis) include a 20 % additional cost.
Rates for Millington and Collierville, Tennessee, as well as Olive Branch, Mississippi, include a 35 % additional cost.



The 2017 Fall semester is here! We are glad to provide the following hourly package discounts:

2 Tutoring Hours:    $120 per session
4 Tutoring Hours:    $130 per session
6 Tutoring Hours:    $110 per session
8 Tutoring Hours:    $100 per session

Each session is in increments of two hours. All package fees are due in advance of purchase.


We appreciate our students. Our reputation is our service and our name. We offer 1 hour of tutoring time free of charge for every paid referral of minimum two hours.

Tutoring Sessions - 2hr

Two-hour tutoring sessions - $90.

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