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Session Location

Memphis Math Tutors focus on the mathematical needs of each student.

As such, we recognize that each student at or below K-12 levels feels much more comfortable to study and learn in the surroundings of their homes.

Our experience has shown that in-home tutoring is a lot more efficient than any other studying environment. This is because younger students (at K-12 levels or below) feel a lot more comfortable, and even more self-confident in the security of their homes.

We offer in-home sessions in the Memphis Metropolitan Area for all student who desire the comfort of their homes.

Public libraries offer an ideal environment for tutoring college students or students over the K-12 levels.

Session Lengths

Our experience shows that generally one hour is not sufficiently long to grasp the material taught, while sessions longer than two hours tend to "loose" the student's range of attention.

Our approach is to work in two-hour increments with each student, with a short (5-7 minutes) break between the two hours.

This approach, tested over 15 years, shows that each student gains a solid understanding of the material covered, while eliminating the risk of "burning-out" the student.

It is well worth pointing out that the human mind works best in short-bursts of gathering information, and students make no exception. A two-hour session is ideally suited for most students.

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