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Yes, you read it right! We are proud to be the only academic service in the Memphis area that rewards our attending students real cash prizes for their hard work!


Bronze Certificate

            The Bronze Certificate is awarded to all of our attending students who score 25 or higher in the ACT taken after attending our seminars. The Bronze Certificate is accompanied by a $ 50.00 cash prize.


Silver Certificate

            The Silver Certificate is awarded to our high school competition winners. Unique across the Memphis area, we pair our attending students with peers from their own school as available. The pair then competes with a similar team from another high school in their ACT scores. The highest averaged team wins the Silver Certificate. Also, there is no restriction in the number of pairs. The Silver Certificate is accompanied by a $ 100.00 cash prize for each team member. Restrictions apply.


Gold Certificate

            The Gold Certificate is awarded in December to a student who has attended our ACT seminar and has scored the highest score of all our attending students for the entire calendar year. The Gold Certificate is accompanied by a $ 1,000.00 cash prize.





Students must attend our ACT seminars to qualify for these offers. Scores are considered only from ACT exams students take after attending our seminars. Students must provide official ACT transcript as proof of grade. All awards are in cash.

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