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Summer is here and what better time to catch up with math work!

Why A Summer Math Camp?

Let's face it. Most students want a break from school and they definitely don't want to go to (yet) another class. So, why take a class over the summer, when most adolescents go out play and enjoy the all outdoor weather, camping, skiing or just plain relaxing? 

The answer is simple. Summer is the best time to study math because there are no school pressures, no tests, no deadlines. In addition, the lack of other academic chores allow students to focus better on the math work, if in "small doses". Even more, math is a subject that needs a bit of attention every day, rather than one time a month. So, maintaining skills is crucial in math. A little math over the summer will only work to sharpen the skills and critical thinking of every student and, years later, both students and parents will be glad they made this step.


Why Memphis Math Tutors?

That's easy, too. Our Summer Math Camps are designed to be fun, easy and leisurely classes where students can learn math without the pressures of deadlines and mid-terms or finals. Fun is a prime ingredient of successful learning. Students truly learn math in comprehensive ways that serve them throughout their academic career. Our staff are young at heart and keep students easily engaged in real life math applications and students learn the true value of math. Students' progress is measured by a carefully calibrated, take-home, non-standardized test. Then, the student simply emails our great staff the test and the results are made available to each student within 3-5 days.

Our first Summer Math Camp starts on June 5th and the last camp ends on July 28th. Each camp is designed to provide an easy and leisurely class where students can learn math without the pressures of deadlines and mid-terms or finals. Each Summer Math Camp lasts five days, Monday through Friday. Students must start the camp on Monday. Parents can register students for any one of the eight Summer Math Camps during the months of June and July. Space is limited, so parents are encouraged to register early.


Summer Math Camps Schedule

There are four different camps that parents and students can choose from. Each Camp is five days long and starts on Monday Memphis Math Tutors dedicates each day of the week to one math subject:


 Day  From  To  Length  Subject  
 Monday  12:00  2 pm   2 hours  Algebra I  
 Tuesday  12:00  2 pm   2 hours  Algebra II  
 Wednesday  12:00  2 pm   2 hours  Geometry  
 Thursday  12:00  2 pm   2 hours  Trigonometry  
 Friday  12:00  2 pm   2 hours  Pre-Calculus  



Materials:       Provided by Memphis Math Tutors upon registration


Cost:             $ 450.00 upon registration


Where:           At the Dunkin Donut Shop at 1540 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee


Registration:   Online only, by emailing or


Registration is completed upon payment received. All registrations are final and non-reimbursable. Parents can register students for any one of the four Summer Math Camps during the month of June. Students are responsible for showing up on time. Absences cannot be made up. Space is limited.


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