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Here's what our former students and parents say about us!


"This ACT seminar simplified the test and made it easier to manage my time during the exam. Using the Memphis Math Tutors techniques, I increased my composite score by 8 points!"

Brent Grissom - ACT Student


"I wouldn't have made it through my Algebra class without Memphis Math Tutors! Kudos to you for a job well done."

 Josh Wagner - Former Student



"Memphis Math taught me things about the ACT that no one taught me. It was easy and it didn't take me long to understand. I got a 33 on my final ACT test after two months of working with them.

 I got into a very god college with scholarships that I couldn't have dreamed of before. Thank you, Memphis Math!"

Christine Walker - Former ACT Student


"Memphis (Math) Tutors are great at explaining things. They took the time to understand my individual questions. It was so helpful to have a real conversation with someone and not just read a

book, so I could really understand the concepts."

Amy Austin - Student



"Incredibly helpful! Right on!"

Chris Blavent - Student



"I was a little afraid in the beginning, to tell you the truth. But they worked with me patiently and helped me grow my self-confidence. Gradually, I became sure of myself and got good at math (and

even trig!!!).

Brian Lester - Student







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