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How do you address the ACT?

Since 2007 Memphis Math Tutors has been training students to improve their academic scores. While we provide tutoring for most tests and subjects, our specialty is college admissions testing. We are passionate about teaching high school juniors and seniors how to raise their scores on the ACT.

The ACT is one of the most important tests ever taken by a student in their pre-college academic career.

The ACT scores provide a gateway to different colleges and universities across the country, as well as to scholarships and other college funds. A 'good' score on the ACT can make the difference between a scholarship and loans, thus setting the financial future of the student for many years to come.

In fact, the ACT test is so important that we dedicate entire specialized seminars to the subject, unique in Memphis in many aspects. Indeed, no one in Memphis parallels our excellent academic services.

So, what makes us so unique? Several things.

First, let’s understand a little more about the ACT test. The ACT puts to test student’s knowledge that he or she gained over twelve years of school, not just high school. In reality, no “tutoring” in one or two or even three sessions can do more than fill in few gaps the student may have. The student’s knowledge is almost “complete” by the time he takes the ACT.

Second, the ACT is a very time-limited test. It “tests” students’ ability to take a test, in addition to measuring their knowledge. Knowledge is just part of the ACT, but students too often lack the skills to apply their knowledge. Too often, this “administrative” and time-management part of the ACT is ignored.

We focus on the “how” of the ACT more than the “what”. This is what sets Memphis Math Tutors apart from all and any other academic services in Memphis.

For example, a number 2 pencil is the pencil of choice for most students. That is because students lack knowledge of this all-important tool. A number 2 pencil is a ‘hard’ pencil, meaning that it takes considerably longer to fill in the bubbles on the ACT answer sheet. In addition, most students sharpen their pencils before the test. This takes up even more of student's precious time during the exam. These are just of the few aspects we focus during our unique ACT Seminars.

Students who attend this one-time, well-managed and focused seminar learn the tools they need to achieve the highest scores on the ACT.

Our students take the ACT, rather than the ACT taking them.

Our unique ACT Seminars are designed to provide affordable access to ACT education with focus on “quality over quantity”. The goal is to teach students the knowledge and skills needed to take the ACT test and to score the highest score by providing:

  • Organization and Structure
  • Confidence-Building
  • Administrative Skills
  • Test-Taking Skills
  • Section-by-Section Data Management
  • Time versus Questions Management

We also provide ACT Training for schools. Ask us about our ACT Training Program for schools by emailing us at


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